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Fading of Long-Period Comets Begins beyond Saturn, Study Says

The discovery probability of long-period comets passing near the Sun is highest during their first passage and then declines, or fades, during subsequent return passages. Comet fading is largely attributed to devolatilization and fragmentation via thermal processing within 2 to 3 AU (astronomical unit) of the Sun (1 AU being the Earth-Sun distance). New numerical simulations by Dr. Nathan Kaib, an...

Space Exploration

Enormous Cryovolcanoes Spotted on Pluto

Araizumi Rui - Slayers Doujinshi - 3 - Rui Rui Keikaku

Cryovolcanoes (ice volcanoes) are similar to normal volcanoes but instead of being formed from molten rock, they are made by frozen liquids like ammonia and water. The Wright Mons region on Pluto: darker/lower albedo, redder patches exist primarily on north-facing slopes but there are also more subtle differences in albedo and redness across the region; the region labeled A represents a redder unit...Quicken® Deluxe Personal Finance Manage


Increasingly Dry Conditions Contributed to Norse Abandonment of Southern Greenland, Study Shows

Declining temperature has been thought to explain the abandonment of Norse settlements in southern Greenland in the early 15th century CE, although limited evidence is available from the inner settlement region itself. In a new study, scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and elsewhere reconstructed the temperature and hydroclimate history from lake sediments at a site adjacent...


New Research Sheds Light on Origins of Monotremes

New research led by Australian Museum paleontologists shows that monotremes are the last survivors of a diverse set of fossil species that once roamed the southern continents. In particular, the authors investigated the oldest and smallest known monotreme Teinolophos trusleri — classifying it in a new mammalian family — as well as the largest egg laying mammal that ever lived: a gigantic...


Prominent Biofluorescence Discovered in Arctic Fish

New research published in the American Museum Novitates is the first to document biofluorescence in Arctic fishes. A juvenile variegated snailfish (Liparis gibbus) imaged under white light (A, B) and under fluorescent lighting (C, D) conditions. White light: (A) dorsal view; (B) ventral view. Fluorescent lighting: (C) dorsalview, showing both green and red fluorescence; (D) ventral view, showing...


Hairy Black Holes Explain Hawking’s Paradox, Physicists Claim

The signature feature of black holes is that they are black — objects which fall into the hole can no longer be seen and can no longer influence the outside Universe. In classical general relativity, ‘no hair’ theorems severely restrict the properties of a black hole which can affect other objects. These are limited to its total mass, spin, and charge. Now, four theoretical physicists show...


Researchers Sequence Genome of Helmeted Honeyeater

Scientists from Monash University and elsewhere have sequenced and assembled the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes of the helmeted honeyeater (Lichenostomus melanops cassidix), an emblem of the Australian state of Victoria. Helena, the helmeted honeyeater (Lichenostomus melanops cassidix) whose genome was sequenced, at Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve, Victoria, Australia. Image credit: Nick...